High End Stainless Steel (Inox) Tweezers

Swiss-Axe Stainless Steel tweezers with sandblasted tips

Made of the finest Stainless steel and sandblasted to assure a perfect grip on your stone. The higher weight is the only difference with the Titanium tweezer. They come also in different sizes : XF, F, M, L and XL.

Swiss-Axe serrated (swiss made) tweezer.

Regular serrated grip and cross waffled tips. Made of the finest Stainless Steel. Available in the followingsizes : F, M and L

Stainless Steel Tweezer with inside groove.

Regular serrated grip and tipes with inside groove that will secure the grip on the girdle of your stone: size M and L

Swiss-Axe locking tweezer

Made from high grade Stainless Steel. These tweezers provide a self lockingmechanism to hold stones securely. Available in three sizes : M, L and XL.